Taking the discomfort, overwhelm, and uncertainty out of teaching sex ed.


Do you want to teach meaningful sex ed?

But don't have a guide to follow...

The Project School Wellness Sex Ed Curriculum was made for you!

This skills-based curriculum is so more than a bundle of done-for-you lesson plans (Yes, it comes with 25 detailed lesson plans covering all of the most important sex ed topics!). At its core, it is also a comprehensive system for teaching students how to live sexually healthy lives.   

Can you imagine helping students...

  • Build confidence in their body, feelings, emotions
  • Create a foundation of medically accurate knowledge 
  • See sex as something that has the ability to be positive and enriching 
  • Learn how to think critically and make thoughtful decisions 
  • Start an ongoing conversation and create space for a lifetime of intentionally nurturing sexual health

If any of this sounds like a health teacher dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible. And I know this, because this is exactly why the Project School Wellness Sex Ed Curriculum was designed. 


A comprehensive sex ed curriculum that equips and empowers students to become critical thinkers and thoughtful decision-makers.

Lessons included in the curriculum...

  • Lesson One: Defining Sexual Health
  • Lesson Two: What is Sexuality?
  • Lesson Three: Uncovering Sexual Values 
  • Lesson Four: Understanding What “Sex” Means and the Sexual Response
  • Lesson Five: Living Your Best Life
  • Lesson Six: Reviewing Anatomy & Reproduction
  • Lesson Seven: Periods
  • Lesson Eight: Preventing Pregnancy & Infections
  • Lesson Nine: Digital Breakout: Accessing Valid Information and Care 
  • Lesson Ten: Abstinence 
  • Lesson Eleven: Intimacy 
  • Lesson Twelve: Healthy Relationships
  • Lesson Thirteen: Learning How to Communicate
  • Lesson Fourteen: Crushes, Liking, Someone, & Being in Love
  • Lesson Fifteen: Healthy Dating Relationships
  • Lesson Sixteen: Breaking Up
  • Lesson Seventeen: Digital Relationship & Sexting
  • Lesson Eighteen: Meaningful, Pleasurable, and Healthy Sexual Experiences
  • Lesson Nineteen: What is Consent?
  • Lesson Twenty: How to Ask for Consent
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Confidently Grant or Great Consent
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Sexual Health While Under the Influence
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Media Literacy: Becoming a Critical Media Consumer
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Making Healthy Decisions About Pornography
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Making Sexual Health Decisions


Sex ed made easy!

Teaching impactful sex ed has never been easier. The Project School Wellness Sex Ed Curriculum comes with everything you need to teach sexual health. 

Each lesson comes with..

  • Instructional  Video - Watch the provided teaching videos to help you navigate the complexities of Sex Ed with confidence, comfort, and clarity
  • Teaching Guide - A detailed lesson plan requiring minimal prep and NO extra planning
  • Teaching PowerPoints
  • Student Worksheets - Available as PDFs and Google Slides
  • Grading Rubrics and Answer Keys - For quick and meaningful assessments

No more lesson planning. No more stressing. No more wasting time. Just meaningful learning experiences!

Buy the Project School Wellness Curriculum today!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • 25 done-for-you lessons
  • Lessons covering all of the biggest sex ed issues
  • Ready for digital or in-personal learning
  • Skills-based and truly comprehensive
  • Detailed teaching guides
  • Instructional videos just for teachers (for every single lesson