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Free Sex Ed Resources


The Period Guide

A quick guide (and simple script) for parents, answering the most common period related questions: 

  • When do I start talking about periods? 
  • What do I tell my kid about periods? 
  • What are the best period products
  • How do I prepare my kid for their first period? 
  • What do I tell my non-period-having kids about periods? 
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Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy Printables

Download seven free printables with simple descriptions of each body part and an explainer video for parents! You'll get:

  • Front and side views of the internal female anatomy 
  • External view of the female anatomy
  • Front and side views of the male anatomy 
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Sexual Health Glossary

50+ definitions and explanation!  

Get free access to five page of sexual health terms. 

  • Simplified definitions for you and your kids 
  • Features the most common sexual health terms your kid will ask about 
  • A perfect refresher (or introduction) for you
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Sexual Decision Making Guide

A simple decision making framework to help your kid think critically about sexual decisions. It's...

  • Relevant for any age level

  • Applicable to any social and sexual situations

  • Incredibly straight forward

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Adult Sex Ed Resources

Unlocking Sexual Pleasure: A Sex Ed Crash Course for Adults

An on-demand workshop for adults looking for more pleasure and connection in their lives. 

This workshop is divided into three sections:

  • Sexual Knowledge (a.k.a. pleasure anatomy) 
  • Sexual Self (a.k.a. reviewing your sexual framework)
  • Sexual Connection (a.k.a. strategies for unlocking sexual pleasure)
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